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Username change request thread

Not open for further replies.
We recently have many username change requests. Many new members realize after a short time that Quantnet is a community with real members, not just an online forum and the use of real name is highly looked upon.
To streamline the process, please post your request here.
We strongly recommend using your REAL FIRST NAME as username. If it's not available, use a combination of First and Last. Do not use numbers in your username.

The ideal usernames would be of the format
  • Ken
  • Ken Smith
I realize that I should change my username "ls047216" to my real name " LI". Thanks for the message, and please help.

Li Sun
MFE 2005
Andy, Can you change mine from hienqnguyen to just simply Hien? Thanks.

Thanks Andy!
I didn't put a space between my first and last name when registering, so please change it to the recommended format if you can. Looks more neat.
Not open for further replies.