Using CQF or CFA for MFE admits?

Hear me out. I know that CQF( is meant as a substitute for Masters in Financial Engg(MFE). And most people would call it an idiotic waste of money.

Now let me lay out my situation. I'm from a science background but lack exposure to finance. I'm keen on pursuing a MFE, and like everyone would want to get into the best unis. Now I understand that competition at the top unis is severe. So the need to build my profile to stand a chance. Presently I have cleared both the levels of FRM.

I was considering two options: CFA L1 or CQF. Obviously the relevance and overlap between CQF and MFE is far more pronounced. The links between FRM and CQF are crystal clear, esp. when it comes to risk modelling. My query was, if say I get some funding assistance for CQF, then would it help me in my uni prospects? Or should I do CFA?
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CFA L1 is very common among MFE applicants so its value of a differentiator is not much as one may hope.
To a certain extent, CQF is similar but not as common since it has a difference purpose and for MFE applicants, the tuition is non trivial.
You may get a better return on your MFE preparation by investing on your essay, letter of recommendation, GRE and make sure you got all the pre req courses done with good grades.