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Vienna University of Economics and Business

Hello all ,
I am a BA student in Turkey , (Bilgi University). I am thinking about applying to Vienna University of Economics and Business : Quantitive Finance . Does any one know about the univesity or its reputation ? Is this a good place to start my career after graduation ?
The curriculum looks pretty good, but the questions you should be asking are regarding jobs. Program started in 2009 from what I can tell, so they probably don't have any results for the class yet. But you should send them an email asking about what they do to help get their students jobs, network with industry, etc. If all they do is send you to the general university career center, then this would be a red flag to me.
Austria has very good universities, you will be well off. But you wont be getting a brand-name education (extremely important these days), so don't bet your money that you'll get a job in London or NYC - most likely you will end up in Austria, Germany, or you can go back home.