Vista vs XP

Vista is not the best choice for now. We have several Vista machines at work.

Vista does some strange staff. For example, when you running access DB, it takes original file and put it to another folder. You can fix it only if you edit register.

Vista has some additional security things, that makes your life difficult. Vista also does strange things with dll assemblies of running applications.

I do not recommend Vista.

I am also using MS Office 2007. This package is fine; however you need some time to get use to it.

Anyone has used/installed Vista at home/work ? I'm building my HTPC and contemplate installing Vista but I heard nothing but bad about Vista.
Anyone with first hand experience can advise before I make a fatal mistake and regret months later ?
Should I stick with XP SP2 or go Vista ?

I would not recommend that anybody install any Windows OS before its first Service Pack. Life is too short.


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I got Windows Vista for my Laptop Dell (in addition to XP). I removed it right after installation. I was using IE7 and when IE crashed (which never happened in XP), Vista wanted to fix it but never did, and I could not start IE7 until I rebooted my Laptop (the problem kept on coming back). I will wait for their service pack.
There are LOTS of programs that don't work under vista, but they aren't the major programs. The reason is obvious if you're a software developer at the other end. First off, corporate users are still on XP so your client base isn't screaming at you to get this work done. Secondly, it's thankless work. Right now I'm working on a port to Vista of some ActiveX stuff that runs under the browser, and getting everything to interact smoothly in the browser with UAC (their new protection mode) is an absolute pain in the rear. And of course, if you interact with 3rd party libraries they may need porting, etc. etc.

My favorite issue so far is that certain controls built with Microsoft's Visual C++ 2003 will CRASH under vista due to Vista's new protection mode (DEP). Microsoft's recommended fix: recompile the controls under VC++ 2005. Which of course, requires a few more fixes since VC++2005 has increased standards compliance. Nice....
To me, this question is like asking "Do you want a finger cut off or an eye poked out?" ;)

fwiw, 2000 and XP are on my Windows machines. Not going near Vista.


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The only good thing about Vista is is cool look :) maybe I'll repartition my hard drive and install Vista on a 5GB partition just for its look :)