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Columbia MAFN Waitlists and Rolling Admission


New Member
I have read that the MAFN program has a rolling admissions process whose deadline is May 15th. But how in the world are candidates being placed on the waitlist and subsequently admitted before all applications are reviewed or even submitted?! I see quite a few still 'Pending' statuses in the tracker for this year's cycle.

From my understanding, most waitlists exist because all offers of admissions have been sent out already and if the offers are not accepted, then the next qualified candidates are selected off of the waitlist. Does this mean if I decide to submit an application today, the best I can do is get waitlisted? In other words, is it safe to assume that all original offers are out there already, and they are just filling the last few spots?

If so, then the advertised deadline seems a bit misleading. Can anyone shed some light on this matter?

Reyn S

Active Member
Well, I am also in that waitlist, and it is said to be a short waitlist.
Basically I do not think that whether you get waitlisted or admitted has anything to do with your submitting time. If your profile is strong enough, then they would admit you directly. If you do not have such a strong background to meet their criterion, but you are still a competitive one, then maybe you would be placed in that waitlist and try your luck. So personally I don't think they have sent out all offers right now. And that is the point why we need to wait in that list: by the deadline, maybe the number has not been filled, then the candidates from waitlist would come up.
By the way, I submitted it on 10th of February, but still get waitlisted.