Want To Change Jobs In 1st Year (I'm A Quant In Prop Trading), Is This Possible / Advisable?

I'll keep it short. Currently a Quant in an energy related prop trading operation. I'm rather new here (less than 6 months). My manager got fired one-and-a half months ago, The SD who has been assigned as my temporary manager, while a nice guy, is simply too busy to teach. The associate whose only 1 year ahead of me is pretty much a shithead whose hostile and completely unwilling to teach. As a result my performance has been lacking as I am making a lot of newbie mistakes due to lack of experience in energy/commodities. I work 12-14 hour days (typically 6:30am/7:00am - 6:30pm/7:00pm) Mon-Fri. The hours are long , which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that most the people I have to deal with each day are quite hostile / hard to deal with (personal attack's are common over email, seriously like they'll say stuff like "your incompetent", "you don't do anything of value", "your pointless"). The pay is pretty decent, but after talking to some friends from my school in similar roles, they are working less hours for the same pay with people who don't suck as much. As a result I feel there is not much to be gained from this role except the paycheck, but I wonder sometimes if the paycheck is breadcrumbs compared to what I could accomplish at a better firm.

I'd happily take a similar role with the exact same pay, just somewhere else where I can actually learn, and as a result be more successful. The problem is two-fold, namely (1) I lack experience as I am only recently out of grad school (top-tier program) and have only been here for 5 months, (2) As I am sure everyone knows COVID is making moving around complicated.

Looking for some sage advice about what I should do.