Ways to network with other traders

I am in the process of gaining education in trading, the sources of education being all online ones. I do not know of opportunities to meet other traders and build a network. I can travel to any place in the US at any time. I would be grateful to the members of this forum if you can list events/conferences or an_y other opportunity to meet other retail traders.

It's common sense that the successful ones will perhaps stay away from other traders because they'd want to keep their strategies hidden. So I find it hard to imagine that they'd ever want to come into limelight. I nevertheless thought of asking simply because I don't know what is out there and perhaps, the traders do get together for reasons unknown to me.

My end goal is to gain expertise in trading independently and hopefully to show consistent profits. Are there venues, events or other gathering of traders where people like me and perhaps also the ones who are senior traders and very knowledgeable, get together to meet fellow retail traders?