What are my chances? (EPFL MFE, ETH/UZH QF)


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What are my chances of getting into either EPFL MFE or ETH/UZH QF? both of which are in Switzerland.

Regarding my background: I'm about to graduate with a BA in Economics from the University of St. Gallen. My grades haven't been perfect, but I think I will get about a 5/6 average (Swiss-system). I have taken all of the quantitative subjects offered at my university, mostly in econometrics and one in Matlab-programming. My thesis deals with the prediction of economic bubbles using algorithms. I have one internship in FX Trading and another in Leveraged Finance in a major european IB.

What can I do to increase my chances of getting accepted? Although either of the Universities would be fine I prefer attending EPFL because of the curriculum and I think I have a greater chance to learn more programming there.

I'm currently learning Python but is C+ a better choice? I'm also planning to take the GRE

Thanks for your help

PS: If there is any alumni in here I would love to hear from you!

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I'm currently learning Python but is C+ a better choice?

Python is a good language to learn. It's the new Matlab.
But C++ is a real programming language in the sense that it treats you like an adult.
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tell us what math courses you've taken
Here they are:

First year: Mathematics (mostly maths for economics)
Empirical Economic Research
Stochastic Methods in Finance
Further Topics in Regression Analysis
An Introduction to Financial Econometrics
Linear Time Series Analysis
Principles of Financial and Insurance Mathematics
Workshop on Statistics for Finance