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What are the classes at NYU Courant like?

I would like to hear from someone who has experience from the program. I am an undergrad at NYU and have the ability to take all the Courant Mathematics in Finance classes through the math department. I have never taken a mathematical finance class before and would like to take one. However I'm not sure if the classes would be suitable for an undergrad to take. I see that the main prerequisites for the majority of the classes are single and multivariate calculus, probability based calculus, linear algebra, and some programming experience which I can fulfill since I'm a math major with a cs minor. I'm still wary about taking these classes since I hear that the classes are very mathematically intensive. It also seems like all the classes are at night which is inconvenient for me as a commuter. In the worst case scenario, if I do poorly in a class, I can pass/fail the class as an elective. It would be helpful if someone can also show me the syllabus for some of the classes. I want to know if you would do lots of projects/independent research or take many quizzes/exams.