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What can I expect?

I'm from India and contemplating an MFE (earliest start date Mid 2022).

Current job (Joined in 2019, 1y work ex):
Quant at an investment bank (think Goldman Sachs/ JPMorgan Chase/Morgan Stanley...) in India

Old IIT, Chemical Engineering, GPA: 7.3/10 (cause of concern...)
>= B grade in all Math courses except...
...a passing grade in a course called Stochastic Processes in Finance (the professor was bad, had some personal problems with him)

I just wanted to know if I've a shot at the top 10 programs in the 2020 rankings.

Sorry if such questions are frowned upon.
Just wanted to know if there's a decent chance of making it to the top 10 programs with my profile (if I ace the GRE and the interviews which I think I can).
I don't want to waste time/money preparing/applying only to discover that it was impossible (or very less probable) to make it to the top 10 programs with the said profile.
Almost all GPAs I see here (or on the class profiles of these programs) are on the scale of 4 from different countries.
So, just wanted to know how bad mine is as I couldn't get a sense of that.
Had nowhere/no one else to ask.

Please advise.
Thanks a lot!