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What does one TRILLION dollars look like?


Older and Wiser
Thanks to my friend Norm

What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

Yeah, this is very impressive. I think Obama should see it before he operates trillion dollar amounts in his speeches.

Sanket Patel

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Bastian Gross

German Mathquant
I guess this are the one trillion dollar note:


Well, I'll put it on record: if not for my wonderful quant professor and perhaps the alumni network which may or may not pay off at some point in my career, I would have felt utterly screwed by my university for the about $20,000 (more?) in loans I'll incur.

That stated, I did see that trillion dollar picture. Wow.

This is why we need a better infrastructure system in place so that "too big to fail" becomes a historical curiosity.

In the meantime, whining and/or taking part in the government's mobocracy is meaningless. Better to do more work, get more merit, and throw whatever one can scoop against whatever wall one can find in the hopes of something sticking...after all, nothing worth having comes easy, and there's no free lunch unless you're invested in the Medallion fund.

Sanket Patel

i do stuff
Interesting pic. The bum has a positive net worth and the little child is too young to owe money under her name (her mother probably owes the child's share as well).
I guess the moral story here is if you want to have positive net worth, be a bum :)

I think the only the only reason the little girl doesn't have a loan is because she is too young. The fact that she has no verifiable source of income isn't a hindrance at all. After all, she could always get one of those no-doc, liar loans.
Maybe I should refrain from saying this, maybe not. Anyway, even if the comic is a true depiction of the society today, one fact -- an obvious one -- is that just about everyone, but except the bum, over his/her life has, on average, a positive net worth. No? Yes? A bum, by its nature, is the least likely to be economically productive compared to the rest in the comic. So, the moral of the story is never be a bum! And if you are one, leave the rest of us alone!