What features would you like to see on Quantnet ?

Woah...is that an option? ABSOLUTELY!

Wow, I'm gonna get a dream job AND an order of fries. This place delivers.


Cornell FE
I would like to see the option of displaying more threads/posts on one page, say 25, 30 ... don't know if it's possible in this system, though.
Also, today I received an email to update my Columbia MSFE application and that it hasn't been updated for 37 days, I guess it's some bug in the system.


Cornell FE
Can you send me the body of that email?

The post per page option is system-wide and the optimal is at 20 posts/page so you don't have to scroll up/down too much. The system also makes use of a "thread marking" so clicking on a thread title will take you to the first unread post on that thread.
Dear roni,
According to your records, your Columbia MFE application is still pending. It's been 37 days since you last updated your case status on Quantnet Application Tracker.
Keeping your information updated on the Tracker is essential because it helps other members track their application status more accurately.
If you DON'T have any updates to report, please click the following link to verify the accuracy on your case:
If you DO HAVE updates to report, click the following link and edit your case:
You will need to login before you can update your case information.
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Often the most interesting posts are those with the most replies. Can you put that next to each item on the Forum?

As I remember it was there after the software was launched. I actually would prefer views to posts, but it seems there was no place to put it conveniently and that's why it has been removed.

Here's Andy's post about this:
I added the Forum name to after the thread title. Looks like we have to do some adjusting to fit these much info into the box. Maybe remove the views count and only keep the replies count.