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What kind of questions to expect from quant investment pitch during hedgefund interview?

Currently scheduled an internship interview for the quant hedgefund, and was told to come up with the systematic investing idea before the interview, and there will be Q&A from senior quant researchers about this.

The possible questions mentioned in the instruction included basic ones such as: why this universe?(ex: US S&P500, NAsdaq, etc), which risks did you consider?.

Other questions I thought includes: how would ur performance change if at different frequency, different market condition. But I don't have any single experience on the buyside quant research interview, nor quant investing activities in my uni, so have close to zero idea about the basics of Q&A.

It would be extremely appreciated if someone here could share some of their experiences, maybe some examples of the questions asked. Or if there is some shared materials/templates among MFE students to prepare for the quant investment pitch, it would be really thankful of you.

Thanks in advance:)