What MSMF programs I have a chance to be admitted?


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Hi everyone! Thanks for reading my post! I am a rising senior and will graduate on May, 2020. I am an international student but go college in US, Rutgers.
Major: Math-actuarial science, Statistics Minor :Econ
GPA: 3.4/4
GRE: V158 Q170 AW3.5
RL: 3 professors from my major courses
Work experience is quite poor: only one internship which was the manager assistance in an large-size insurance company.
Related courses: all except partial differential equation(I'll take that in the last semester)
Programming skills: R and SAS
To be honest, I want to be an actuary instead of doing quant, and have passed one actuarial exam. That's why I'm gonna only apply for mathematical finance, not MFE programs which require much more solid programming skills.

It is very close to application but I got no clue about neither what programs I am able to reach or keep it safe nor what things I can do to develop my background, even a little bit. I am taking programming courses on Coursera, hope that would be helpful.

I am looking for mathematical finance programs that I am possible to be a candidate and longing for any advice of program selection. Thanks a lot!