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"What salary do you require?"


Some interesting numbers on starting salaries...
"Four years ago, he says, quants (financial engineers with degrees) were looking at annual base salaries in the range of $85,000 to $90,000. But now Wall Street firms are paying graduate student interns that much, and quants are looking at starting base salaries more in the range of $200,000, he says."
"We assume that those seven who went to Goldman Sachs bumped the average up quite a bit."

Does the author live in the future?
CNBC is just reprinting an BI's article whose author took it from a UCB MFE press release.

The author did quote Quantnet's popular article "The coming glut of financial engineer" but there is no excuse for taking one "well-published" piece of data and extrapolate the average of salary for all MFE students.
If anything, the average should be much much smaller since majority of MFE graduate has no experience and will be compensated as such.

"quants are looking at starting base salaries more in the range of $200,000, he says."
In his dream, I'd say. 200K is more than double the average starting base salaries of numbers published by most MFE programs.
Andy, are you implying that a sample size of one is not statistically significant!? What kind of quant witchcraft is this!?!
I doubt that we can use UCB average as a standard for other programs, as the class at UCB is much more experienced than that at probably any other program. Those without work-ex already hold a Masters in engg or a PhD. Now for anyone without any work-ex to earn something like $150k-$200k one would probably hold a PhD in Math/Engg along with MFE from Berkeley.