What sports do quant play and what beers do quant drink?


Almost begginer, lol. Green and green. But because there are not many 25 year old that want to take on this discipline I take classes with the advanced belts. How about you??

Yike Lu

Finder of biased coins.
FOOTBALL baby! Live for the pick-6 and the over-the-head catch. And all types of weightlifting, wanna be pulling 5 plates in 2 months. Guess it comes with being Texan.

Drinks - beers, Guinness, Stella, hefeweissebier

Joy Pathak

Madden 13 is good too. If anyone has Ps3 and wants to get pwned in CoD...madden 12 or 13...uncharted...ncaa football 13.. add me. ID: yourwifesname
sports: handball (beating a bouncy blue ball against a wall; like tennis), tennis, some gymnastics, strength workouts (mostly calisthenics; there's so much to be done with just your body weight), and planning to get into parkour soon.

beer: too many useless liquid carbs, defeats the above.


For those who play tennis, what your racquet and string specs?
I'm on my second racquet, a Head YouTek Radical Midplus similar to this one with Barbolat Pro Hurricance Tour 17 gauge.
Still trying to hit the sweat spot with this.

andy, if you're not sweating, you're either a) not doing it right or b) roger federer :P

i believe mine is the youtek ig speed.


hah, i'm afraid you'll leave me in the dust, as i am not very good at all. and i don't know any places around here, unfortunately. i generally only "play" (and, again, that's generous) every few months when i travel home. the old racket was ~15 years old, so it was time for a new one :)