What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Sadly this isn't a witty thread about comfy sneakers. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I've got myself into a rather frustrating position.



UK Graduate, Strong university, Physics. Picked up a 2:2 with extenuating circumstances, and have worked for companies that require a 2:1 (big 4 audit). Academic strong points to counteract this are British Maths Olympiad top 100 finish (not IMO), National schools mathematics team winners and the england junior bridge team (nothing particularly special, but I wanted to prove my uni grades were the odd one out).

My working life:

After a year at big 4 audit, I left to go into Algo trading, absolutely loved it, front office at a small prop firm. Built my own algorithms, including some really funky ones that fully automated data capture, analysis and listed order books to a 5 level depth and then went on to automate analysis of that. have other feathers in my cap.

Sadly the office was closed shortly after I left my probation period, and I was paid off for 6 months gardening leave which takes us up to now.

Current situation:

Applying to prop shops in the UK has not even gotten me past the auto reject (at best), most companies just ignore my application. It's been a similar story with the recruitment agencies, I really dont know what I'm doing wrong. I'm reluctant to keep spamming applications to other companies until I'm pretty sure I'm not doing something critically but changeablely wrong.

I love these logic puzzle question interview style, so I actually look forward to those interviews, if only I could get them.

My question to QN is this: What route should I go down, to get myself the best chance of working in a trading company (preferably Front office, trading assistant style role, but will happily work in Back or middle office, I can prove what I can do and will end up where I should be in any meritocratic organisation). If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

I can take any constructive criticism, and in fact welcome it. Bitter medicine and all that.