Where to watch World cup for free

I'm watching it on my phone.

SprintTV has an ESPN mobilecast covering the world cup free for anyone that gets it. It's not as good as an HD tv from home obv but I can watch anywhere I go this weekend.
http://www.myp2p.eu and espn3 do not work for me, only Univision in Hispanic - haha - I do not understand a word.

I have espn on cable though and the hd picture is fantastic.

The first game is over, most of it went as the players were half-asleep.
Nice, England in HD for free in my living room, can't beat that. It's going to be a really good game today.
England is very strong... if not the injuries... I cannot wait for the game either...

I thought Argentina was very good today, except for a few not exact passes. They did not play to the full potential, saving the best for later.
I'm Joe Cole made the team, he was one of the few bright spots last time. So far the lineup through twittter is G: Robert Green

LB: Ashley Cole
CB: John Terry
CB: Ledley King
RB: Glen Johnson
MF: Steven Gerrard
MF: James Milner
MF: Frank Lampard
MF: Aaron Lennon
ST: Emile Heskey
ST: Wayne Rooney

Cole and Johnson should be a handful, but I wonder if we'll get stranded at the back...

I don't like Argentina's chances...Maradona doesn't know what he's doing.
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