Where to watch World cup for free

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Anyone watch the Portugal - North Korea game? It was like watching Varsity against JV.
tomorrow is going to be an interesting day, brazil portugal
Great teams but both of them are pretty much guaranteed to make it to the next round no matter of the outcome of their game. I'll definitely watch the game but I do not think they'll be trying too hard, esp. Brazil.

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Italy and France are at the bottom of their groups - what happened to this world ?! :-k

Amazing that they were able to score 3 goals today, let alone against a European team. Asia being represented by S. Korea and Japan!

By the way, are there any members that are Japanese in this forum? Just wondering.


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wow.. talk about brain washing.. I'm sure they didn't have the guts to broadcast the smack down by portugal


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Courtesy bump for others who, like me, are stuck at work this morning.
Germany 4, Argentina 0. A complete rout. The German speed, teamwork and regrouping are extraordinary. Deutschland uber alles.