Which Offer to Choose?

Diego Calderon

Grad Student
I have 2 offers to choose from:

1.) Analyst position within the Utility industry (specifically Energy) using time series analysis to forecast price, load, etc. The role is central to the company, which is very large. Modelling experience, programming, stats, plus connections to Portfolio/Risk group and Trading group.

2.) Analyst position working for software company that develops Portfolio optimization and Risk Analytics platforms. Growing rapidly and competitive in the industry. People are damn smart. However, position is client facing and would mostly be running software all day.

I haven't formally received the software company offer yet, but it is expected shortly (told to me by the hiring manager). The packages seem to be very comparable, give or take a few thousand for the diff. in standard of living.

Will working in the Energy industry dampen my future career in financial world? i.e. will I be pigeon-holing myself?

I'm leaning toward the energy/modelling job just because it will be more analysis, but if they offer $15K more I might have tough decision.

Thoughts? Insights? Past experiences? Thanks in advance

Diego Calderon

Grad Student
Thanks Andy Nguyen! I took the energy job; I see a lot of growth in the energy industry long-term as demand will only continue to increase and as supply continues to transform. Deregulation of energy markets in California has been both a blessing and a curse, but I think it's coming under control. In 2013 Carbon trading will hit California markets, so it's a very interesting time to join the industry.

I had a recent discussion with someone concerning the fact that no longer do individuals stay with a company for life. Now is the time for having 10+ jobs or "career" paths, so I think you're right in saying it's the SKILLS that matter (because this is what you take with you). Thanks again Andy :D