Which programs should I apply for?

Hi guys, I plan to apply for several MFE, MSMF or MFin programs for 2020 fall. However, I am pretty confused which programs I should apply for.

I am a finance major student from an ordinary school in Australia.
GPA: 3.73/4.3, TOEFL: 115/120, GRE: 325 (Q170, V165, AW4.0)

Math backgrounds:
My school does not provide a lot of advanced mathematics courses. We only covered calculus and statistics and probability.
So I did some extra learning from all kinds of summer sessions and online platforms like NetMath from UIUC.
I did numerical analysis and applied linear algebra. Currently I am doing PDE.

I know Matlab and python plus a little bit C++. (And some basic basics Mathematica)
I analyse data for one of my professors for her research paper with pandas.

Work Experience:
One intern from The Bank of East Asia in Corporate Banking Dept.

Research experience:
I do have some research experience. I am the co-author of an article which is under RnR process currently.
I am also writing another paper with one of my finance professor.
I was just wondering if none of them is published before my application, will they be regarded as solid research experience?

Machine Learning course certificate from coursera.org by Andrew Ng.
Registered for CFA level 1 this December.

It would be really appreciated if I can have some more information. Thank you all!
Apply in some top 10 schools of the 2019 ranking list, then some schools with lower rankings. Aim for 5 schools in each category, and pray for deliverance.

Research experience is more valuable for PhD, tho having some would help.

The general consensus on this forum is: return of investment is usually guaranteed for the top 10, lower rankings are usually hit or miss (tho as always, it's up to the student to make the best use of the resources that the program provides - can't blame anyone but yourself). Top 10 or bust. You're better off go out there and get a job, get work experience, then come back and get in those top 10 schools.

Definitely read this, especially "SECTION 2: Finding a Master of Financial Engineering Program".

Edit: I've heard successful stories from non top 10 schools. It's still very possible to get in those schools and still get a good job. It's up to you to count the cost.
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