Which schools should I apply to? (Finance grad)

Hi, I am a finance graduate from Southeast Asia and I am planning to apply to US MFE programs this year.
My background is quite unconventional so I am not really sure which schools are reachable for me. Could someone suggest where should I apply to?
My desired careers are risk and quant research. I do not plan to work in the US so I don't care about career services.

Here is my profile.
B.A.Finance grad from a Southeast Asian country (not Singapore) GPAX: 3.66/4.00
1-semester Exchange program at Nanyang Technological University GPA 4.87/5.00
Won a 3rd place in a national round of a competition related to quantitative trading held by a renown US quant hedge fund
Internship: non-quant role in Big4
2-year Work experience as a risk analyst at a large local bank
Receive a full scholarship from a government organization.

GRE: Q168 V155 AWA 4.0
2-semester calculus
2-semester stats
Math method for finance (NTU)
Linear Algebra (Netmath)
Probability (Netmath)
Learn some ODE in calculus and math for finance but never took a full-semester course
*Receive A for all prerequisite courses

About to get C++ certificate from Quantnet
Completed Datacamp's Intermediate Python course

Work experience with VBA and SAS (use some SQL in SAS)

I am thinking about applying to
Columbia MFE, CMU, UChicago, NYU tandon MFE, Imperial RMFE, John Hopskin.
Are these too tough for my profile? or does anyone know other schools that better suit my background?