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Which software use quant developers (and why they do not use metatrader ninjatrader etc)

when i look into quant jobs they always write need java/c# developer in quant team.
Why they do not use this popular software?
2.Which software you can recommend for c# high frequency,stocks derivative trading?
3.Which software y can reccomend for charts,backesting,analyzng
For backtesting I've read that MATLAB is a convenient tool. From what I read quant funds often use their own specific language.
Hello Thai Nam,

I'm actually asking about this on a separate thread. I seem to get little responses maybe because what programming language a fund uses is an indication of their trading secret which they obviously don't want to divulge.

I'll make my two comments:

1. I feel that as strategies get more complication, one just runs into the limits of what third party software can do. Sure, Ninjatrader might give you five moving average indicators to play around with. But if you want to tear open one of the indicators and do a modification like say consider every other bar, factor in price from another interval or have the look back period adapt to price action, you are pretty much stuck.

2. For arbitrage strategies, you HAVE to use programming languages like C++ and Java solely for the reasons that you are required to interface with your counterparties through that medium and that speed is vital. I don't know the specifics of speed comparisons but Matlab is no near in the speed of C++. As an extension, the closer you are to the hardware, the faster your calculations become. For the more advance funds, they try to do that their calculations on what I believe is called FPGA. The most advance Ninjatrader user won't be able to program that thing.

I am a newbie but what I've found, so far, is that the popular trading software are focused on providing lots of visual information to a trader. What is commonly done is pricing data over time is shown next to different types of indicators. However, if you are writing code that will be possibly trading automatically, it's very inefficient to try to take the same visual information that is being output from trading software and reinterpret it so that decisions could be automatically made.

I have found a free library that can do a lot what the trading software does, i.e. compare pricing data over time with various indicators. It's called ta-lib and a free open-source version can be downloaded from ta-lib.org. With a software library of indicators, you can choose to either visually present the indicators yourself or write your own code to automatically compare the pricing data over time with popular indicators.