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Who you want to win the Superbowl ? Giants or Patriots

Who you want to win Superbowl XLII ?

  • The underdog Giants

    Votes: 8 53.3%
  • The history making Patriots

    Votes: 7 46.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Giant, definitely!! Actually I want to wear a hat which has giant's symbol on that day to show my support.


Faculty (Undercover)
Mostly I'm rooting for a good game. If it's anything like the one they played in Week 17, this one shouldn't disappoint.

However, as much as I'm happy for Eli and the Jints, I just can't root against the Pats on this one. Actually being able to witness the undefeated season is too exciting. It's only been done once--35 years ago--and then Miami only had to win 17 in a row, including a regular-season schedule that's one of the easiest recorded in modern history.

Seeing the Pats win 19 in a row, including defeating two very good teams (the Colts and Chargers) twice each--and, if they win Sunday, also defeating the Giants twice--is an altogether more impressive feat, and not one you can expect to see repeated anytime in the next 35 years.


Baruch MFE Director
What you should not expect to see repeated in 35 years from now is a 56 game hitting streak. It's been 66 years since it happened already...
While I realize the historical significance of a Patriot win in this Superbowl, I can't bring myself to root for them. If they play against any other team, I would want them to win so that I can say I witness the best team ever.

The problem is they play against my Giants. If I predicted the Giants will go into the Superbowl last year, Bob probably would have laughed at me but look at where we are now.

I love it when for the last 3 games, those NFL analysts vote for the Giants to lose game after game and somehow they won. I'd like to believe the Giants has as good a chance to knock up the Pats as any other team this season. While they came short in regular season's last game, they were the only team that led Pats by 12 points.

So yeah, comes this Sunday, I will be crossing my fingers for my Giants.

The victory will be so sweet, especially against those Pats fans in this forum :) (there are at least 1 of them).

It's about time we have something going for New York. First, the Red sox won the world championship. Now, the Pats are on a mission to destroy everything. And the Celtics are the best team in NBA right now.

Look at the Mets, Yankees, Knicks, Jets...they're either a joke or choked when it matters. Giants are the only hope we have left against those Boston sport empires.

If we don't fight back, bad things will happen. They will invade New York and take away our women and children. They will then replace every corner hotdog stands by clam chowder stands. And those drunks will invade our bars and laugh at us.

No we can't let that happen and I'm 100% faithful that Eli and our Giants will win this Superbowl.

As a show of support for the Giants, I will ban 1 week from using QN whoever vote for the Pats. Starting NOW ! :)


Older and Wiser
So... is Woody banned already?

I don't care if the Giants win or not... I don't want to see the Patriots win, plain and simple... :)
I think it's going to be an awesome game this Sunday...can't wait! History will me made regardless of which team coming out ahead.

Andy, I like your description of how they'd take over NY. It's hilarious!
Mets are no longer a joke after signing Santana. They will dominate the back page this year.

Since I'm a Patriots fan, of course I'll be rooting for them. I'm pretty spoiled now with their winning (like a 90's Yankee fan) so I won't be devastated by a loss, but a win would be nice.

One more note off-topic about the Yankees-Red Sox. After the Santana signing, it seems the rivalry is going in a direction of 'who can build the best team' and not 'who can outbid for the best free agents.' I like it. The two teams will develop players and hopefully those players will stay with their teams for a long time and we can enjoy old-fashioned fan-dom.
I'm afraid to post in sports forums anymore.
I hate to see your smirks every time you mention your Sox, specially after they won the second Championship. I would love to see the Yankees, Mets go back to dominance next year and see you suffer. You are a nice person when your team loses. Oh wait, you spend majority of your life learning to accept that ! :D
I got more character in my little finger....
which little one ?

Super Bowl outcome a stock market indicator?
To date, it has been accurate more often than not, says Forbes. "The theory holds that when a team from the original National Football League wins the championship, stocks rise," explains Forbes writer John Dubosz. "When a team from the now-defunct American Football League wins, that's bearish." The so-called Super Bowl Indicator has an astonishing 85% success rate -- not that I'd recommend staking your portfolio on it.

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I can foresee the result..............
But any way, this time Giants played really good...............