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why financial math PHD?

Jian Wang

I am now in the financial math phd program.

But I have some quesions that why should I finish the degree if I do not want to be a faculty.

I have no working experience in the financial area. I just want to know what aspect of the phd the employer will pay attention to?

I think if most employers pay more attention to the programming skills, some excellent masters will have enough programming skill and the basic financial knowledge.

They can also save money and time and gain working experience which is a very important part for the career.

the employer will pay attention to the quality and the quanty of the papers you presented?

I can not convince myself which really influence my study.

Hope for some useful advice. Thanks

Jian Wang


I can

You mean at that time make a choice?

I just want to ask for some experienced person's opinion, since I have no experience in the working area. I like math very much but I do not want to do research after graduation.

will some sector will pay more attention to the phd if they just want to hire a person who is good at programming and have some financial and math knowledge.

Thanks a lot!


Vice President
Many of your peers will have a PHD but that given most companies will almost always take experience over pedigree.

Best of luck