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Will an A- affect my application?

-A in Harvard is not the same as an -A in some unknown Asian university.
Same applies for programs, 3.99/4.00 GPA in a biz/econ program is not better than 3.53/4.00 in an eng/cs/math/stats program.

And, -A is a very good grade. People say "you must get straight As in all of your math courses", it's very very hard to get straight As in all of the math courses, espcially if you go to a top school that is known for its hard grading policy and hard classes.

You can't just put a slash between biz and econ... Economics is deemed the 3rd hardest degree in all fields of study! What you just did is the same as putting a slash between HR and econ. (I don't think there's a Nobel Prize for HR... haha.)