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Winterfest 2008

Dear Students, Alumni and Faculty,

The Quant Network at Baruch's Financial Engineering MS Program is proud to present Winterfest 2008!

It is a time to celebrate the graduation of our fellow classmates as well as celebrate the close of the semester. We plan to have food and drinks and fun games.

Please RSVP by December 19th so we know how much food to prepare. Also let us know if you have any specific dietary restrictions.

WHEN: December 21, 2007, Friday 6pm
WHERE: 1 Greene St Apt# M8, Jersey City, NJ 07302



You can take either take PATH train to Hoboken or Newark train from WTC, then get off
at the very first stop (Exchange Place).

The schedule can be found here:

Directions to the building can be found here:

The building can be found at:

BTW, there's a basketball court (fullsize) right outside the building for those who love to play the game. Remember to bring your own ball though
Wow. This is the first time we'll see Giampiero and Vic at a party. This is gonna be HUGE :cheers::partyman::smt030

I also heard rumors that Alain will come as well (daddy or not). You don't want to miss Alain drinking ;)

thanks Andy, c u guys there;)
If you're coming and have special dietary restrictions, please indicate that in your RSVP so we can accommodate you. Thanks.
2 days to go before P(arty) Day. And 1 day to go before D-Day. I'm so in the holiday mood that I can't wait for the party to get started.

By the way, the view of NYC skyline from Hien's apt must be awesome.

Not really, I'm on the ground level and all the tall buildings block everything. When I moved here in 2001 these buildings were not there so I could see the old Twin Towers...but not now.