Without any STEM major..

Margot P

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Hi all, I'm a french law student who is trying to break into finance. I need some.. general advice.

First of all, thank you so much for all of you who are contributing to this wonderful community. It has been so helpful.

So my situation : I passed the french bar last year and during my internship at a law firm I had a chance to work with people in Fintech and I became extremely interested in quantitative finance.

After some research I realized that I have no back ground in math which is a huge draw back that brings almost 0 chance of getting into MFE programs in the US.

What if I take online math courses? would I even stand a chance after that? I read several threads about online math courses such as Netmath and UCB online courses. I also checked the Berkeley prerequisite list where the institutions providing online math courses (PDE Stats Calculus 1 2 3..) were listed and I thought maybe it's doable? I personally sent the emails to schools and they told me that they will accept my grade if it is from accredited institution. But im still wondering if those online courses can be taken seriously .. (though Netmath was listed on the Berkeley website)

I'm willing to take all of the math courses listed on the list that I mentioned above including online C++ prgramming certificate from Quantnet. Also I passed CFA level 1 and considering taking level 2 next June.

I'm considering applying for 2021 admission.

Thank you so much in advance