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Work Permit issues in USA after MFE


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I was reading through global-derivatives where I read that International Students find it difficult to get a job in USA.This is because the employers are not willing to provide the work permits and hence the students return to their home countries.

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I am an International applicant and would like to know how difficult is to land a job because of these work permit related issues?



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there's no denying that immigration is an issue.

that said, i think that landing a job and getting H1B visa are oftentimes two different things.
additionally, visa problems are not specific to MFE graduates, but are relevant for all applicants, be it harvard or polytech. in fact, given the niche nature of MFE graduates (i.e. their perceived shortage), it might be easier to get H1B visa for an MFE than for an MBA. although i could be wrong about this.

so far, i haven't heard of anybody not getting a job offer based solely on potential immigration problems.
over 90% of our graduates have job offers before graduation (so not sure how significant visa is as a factor). upon graduation you will have a year to stay and work in the US (so-called optional professional training). during that year you'll be able to prove to your employer that you're worth keeping and will most likely get sponsorship for H1 B. after that, it's pretty much a lottery...


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most foreign students i knew with MS or PhD degree have got the H1B, so its not gonna be a big problem for us.