Would I be a competitive candidate in the USA?


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GPA/GRE certainly have some weights, but also depending on the background courses you took from Bachelor's (stats, cs, etc), projects/work experiences.


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Hi Bryce,

For Claremont Graduate University, you would definitely stand out as a viable candidate for our program. I can't speak on behalf of other institutions, but I can say that we also have a few prerequisites, some of which can be completed as part of your program or beforehand. This includes: Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra, Financial Accounting, Probability, and some programming background.

If you would like to speak more, feel free to contact our Assistant Director of Admissions Sean Gomez.

Thank you


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Given that I have a less than stellar cGPA and I am coming from Canada, would I be competitive at top Financial Engineering programs in the USA?
I think so; 168Q is decent. Many FE students are international, so I don't think being from Canada would hurt you.

And also I definitely wouldn't settle for a program with an 11% placement rate charging 80k tuition that's soliciting applicants online.