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Rutgers MSMF would i be in over my head for Rutgers MSMF?

I am going to be entering my senior year at a small liberal arts university in pennsylvania as a dual major in math and computer science... the school is not well known for their math and compsci programs but i do hold a 3.89 and a 3.77 gpa in each major, respectively. i've been taking an interest to grad school lately and am wondering if pursuing a masters in math finance at a place like rutgers would suit a student of my educational background. i plan on taking the GRE's later this summer and was also wondering if i could get some feedback on what type of scores would indicate success at rutgers or not. honestly, am i in over my head? should i try or not even bother? any suggestions to prepare for something like this?


Older and Wiser
I'm concerned that you think you are going to be over your head. Lack of confidence is not a good sign in this field.