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QuantNet.com is the largest community of MFE applicants. With more than 35,000 community members, newsletter subscribers and social networking followers, as well as 20 million unique visitors since 2013, QuantNet.com is the ideal place to target top candidates interested in quant master programs.

Below is a sample list of the institutions who have advertised with us.

Search Engine Optimation

The largest source of our visitors comes from the Google search engine, representing 60-75% of the site traffic. We appear on the first page of Google search results for many keywords relevant to advertisers and our audience.

Site Advertising Opportunities

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Testimonies from Advertisers

"The Baruch College Financial Engineering Program has been advertising on Quant Network since 2007, and we are planning on continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. As proof of the effectiveness of advertising here, Quant Network is quoted as a source of information on our program by over 25% of the applicants to the Baruch MFE Program, as part of the statement included with the application for admission. The interaction with Quant Network is smooth, quick, and very professional, with a special kudos for their flexibility in tailoring the message and format to our desired audience." - Dan Stefanica, Director of Baruch MFE program
"The University of Washington MS-Computational Finance & Risk Management (CFRM) graduate degree was launched in 2011 by the Department of Applied Mathematics. In reviewing our options for building and maintaining awareness of the CFRM program, we evaluated a number of potential venues to promote the MS-degree and the affiliated UW Certificate programs. Quantnet was chosen as a primary partner in reaching prospects for both the CFRM classroom and online learning experiences, including both full-time students and part-time working professionals. Quantnet has helped us to grow from a program with less than 100 applicants for our first year in 2011-12 to well over 300 applicants for 2013-14. We attribute much of that growth to the awareness and understanding created in the Quantnet community. The advertising is just one of several dimensions of the UW AMATH CFRM program multi-level engagement with the Quantnet community. We have also found the online forums at quantnet.com to be useful for outreach and input, and of great value to our students as they mature from CFRM students to finance industry interns to employed alumni." - Doug Martin, Director of Computational Finance & Risk Management (CRFM) Program, University of Washington
"In 2012/13 we used Quantnet to do our first ever external advertising for the Master of Financial Mathematics program at the University of Minnesota. The breadth of their online readership and their rank in Google searches for keywords related to our target market were key in selecting them as an advertising venue. We were very pleased with the flexibility and support we got from QuantNet. They are extremely responsive and seamless in the way they work with their clients. We will work with them again." - Laurie Derechin, Executive Director - Minnesota Center for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics - MCFAM