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QuantNet online course - An Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering - Enrollment open

Andy Nguyen
Dear Friends,

The online course An Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering: Model-independent relationships vs. Black-Scholes created by Prof. Dan Stefanica and offered by QuantNet will open for enrollment on September 30.

The course covers topics directly relevant to quant job interviews (interview questions videos are included for multiple sections) as well as to graduate studies in financial engineering. It reflects the experience of Prof. Stefanica, a best-selling author and educator in financial engineering, who has been fostering highly...

How Quantnet's C++ certificates got me a job on Wall Street

Pavlos Sakoglou
Dear prospective students,

I recently signed a contract with a top Investment Bank for an Associate C++ Developer position in the Securities Technology Division in New York. Three years ago I had very little programming and math knowledge, and non-relevant work experience. I was just another business admin graduate with ambition to make it in Wall Street one day. Sounds familiar?

Here's what happened:

I came across the C++ Programming certificate in one of my searches for MFE programs in New York, and decided to enroll.

The intro certificate covers...

2019 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

Andy Nguyen

We are pleased to announce the release of our QuantNet 2019 Rankings of Financial Engineering programs, to be available online at 9AM EST on Dec 4th.
New and improved, the 2019 rankings will include several new programs and focus entirely on US-based programs.
Please turn on push notification and like this first post so you can instantly get notified when the rankings is live. You can enable the push notification feature on any mobile device or...

The Value of a PhD and MFE Degree

Peter Wagner
Since writing for this blog in January about the HFT/algo job market, I’ve received many inquiries from students asking about the “requirements” for quant jobs on Wall Street. “Do I need a PhD?” is a frequent question. Each time I receive one of these inquiries, I struggle with the answer. My instinct is no. But when I look at who is working in these jobs, I do see a predominance of PhD’s in the top positions. PhD’s in mathematics, physics, operations research, EE, etc. are common in the quant community. So it’s tempting to tell students...

2019 MFE admission roll call

Andy Nguyen
As admission decisions start to come in, let's get a tradition going here so we can share the programs we applied, the admits/rejects we received and the program we are ultimately joining.
Let's keep the format uniform and discussions on their separate programs threads. Please share details on each application timeline on the Tracker.
Below is an example.

Admits: MIT MFin, NYU Tendon MFE, CMU MSCF with 20K scholarship, NYU FinMath
Rejects: Baruch MFE, UCB MFE, Princeton MFin
Pending: Rutgers
Joining: CMU MSCF

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  2. MIT MFin

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  • MIT Master of Finance MFin program
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    On the positive side, MFin students are typically very sharp. You can also meet MBA and other...
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  • MIT Master of Finance MFin program
    2.00 star(s)
    Big program, big tuition fees, not much scholarships, not much campus recruiting. Professors are...
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