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Big program, big tuition fees, not much scholarships, not much campus recruiting. Professors are good but hard to get to know. Lots of group work and students self select after 1st term. hard to get to know your classmates. Boston and Cambridge are awesome, cool envirnoment to be in. overall school seems a little too focused on the $$ - can't believe they kept taking Epstein $$ - lose a star for that.
Something seems to be broken with the culture at MIT Sloan MFin. They push group assignments in almost all the courses, but don't seem to care if people are simply copying the answers from their group-mates. Faculty don't want to get involved with any discussions about cheating. It is a no win situation for them. Students who don't like their grades can simply keep arguing with the professor to get it changed. The admin people make sure to tell the professors what grade a student needs to avoid failing out - guess what happens then?

Finally, recent disclosures of MIT's connections with Jeffrey Epstein, particularly after his first conviction as a sex offender, point to something really missing from the schools value system.