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I am an alumni graduated at December 2018, and after 2 months then I landed a job in Chicago. The general employment rate is good for our class. Most of our classmates received offers from January to March. Quite a lot concentrated in quantitative finance related positions, others include like sales and trade, data science and analytic roles etc. U of I is quite competitive in great chicago area, where many big-name finance companies located at. In recent years, we witnessed some continuous progress and changes in this MSFE program, e.g. some courses are more focusing on industry related topics, other than just theory and formula based courses. Honestly, there are still long way to go for this program to be a top level one. But my recommendation is, if you can get admission or offer from a MFE program in CMU, MIT and Princeton or other programs at this level, definitely go to these programs. If you choose U of I, don't get frustrated, you still have a great chance to land a good job!