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I feel really disappointed about the classmates that I had. Cheating/teaming up during online exams, Free riding during group projects, breaking COVID protocols just to throw a party aren't things that you would expect from MIT graduate students, but they occur more than you imagine, and it is unfair for us that always followed the rules. I certainly expected that I would learn more from my classmates

Sometimes I felt that some people were admitted in the program just because they come from a rich family, even though it was clear that they weren't qualified to be admitted in the program . MIT should be a meritocracy, and this program is not a meritocracy.

I would urge the MFin admissions commitee to not base their admissions desicions only on the likeness that a possible candidate can donate money to the endownment in the future or whether the candidate has a brandname on their resume. There are other things that also matter: Personality, Willigness to have an impact in society, coming from a background of adversity and managing to succeed, being a decent human being, having manners, among others. Life is more than bradnames and money and I believe that most people in the program are focused only on that. The MFin program is contributing to the continuing of the stigma that people have of the finance industry: an industry full of people that only care about making money, without having any decency as human beings. By giving a prestigious degree, you're inflating the egos of already egocentric and self entitled people, and that is a disservice to society.

There wasn't any diversity in the class. About 94 out of 136 people where from one nationality, while most of the others were from Europe. I was one of the very few that wasn't in none of these groups, and honestly, there wasn't any openess of them for me to hang out with them. People in the program seclude themselves in groups by nationality/ethnicity, which is really disappointing. I understand the program can't do much about that, but at least they could try and make the class more diverse. It would make the experience better for everyone.