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Latest reviews

I graduated from this program in 2019. My reasons for recommending NC State include eclectic choices in electives, proximity to the Banking industry and the small class size.
There is flexibility to choose from a broad range of electives in Data Science, Statistics, Programming and risk related courses taught by industry experts.
Having come from a different professional culture, I was new to the idea of networking and exploring job opportunities through it. The course on career development taught me how to work on that. The weekly training session covers professional etiquettes and important lessons on soft skills. We also have speakers from the industry who give insights on the hot topics in their specialized fields.
The program organizes great opportunities for networking through workshops such as the two-day CECL summit, attended by regulators, consultants and banking officials. It also provides a platform to present our projects and get feedback from the attendees.
The program equips the students to be industry ready. Overall, it’s a great learning experience in terms of technical knowledge as well as professional skills.