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  • 2.00 star(s)
The good:
smart fellow students from all around the world (w China /ABC concentration)
Dedicated TAs
Cambridge / Boston =Great college town
It's MIT!!!

The bad:
v large program, hard to stand out compared to other students, hard to get to know profs
Profs could be a lot more dynamic
Very little on-campus recruiting, interviewing etc - recruiters seem way more interested in MBAs
Cambridge Boston = expensive
Program costs a lot for what you get

The ugly:
Major cultural problems persist at the school
New Micromasters...kinda makes it even harder to justify >$100k tuition
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Good curriculum and career service. The professors are good and experienced in quantitative finance. Besides, it is wonderful to have an opportunity to study at CMU for computing courses.
I graduated from U of Minnesota's Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) in class of 2018. I enjoyed every bit of it -taught by top-notch industry practitioners and faculty, I gained a lot of in-depth knowledge in areas such as: Derivative pricing , Quantitative risk management, Fixed income,MBS, Stochastic Calculus,Non-linear Optimization, Data Modelling, Markov Chains and programming (Python, MATLAB ,C#) etc.

The program also offers fantastic career development services through student workshops, 1-on-1 career advising and a vibrant alumni network.

MFM prepared me adequately to take on my first job as a front-end Quant pricing electricity derivatives. I get to build quantitative models in VBA and python. Knowledge about derivative pricing, counter-party credit risk and montecarlo simulation have also been pivotal in excelling in my job.