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Program is OK but plenty of room for improvement

++ Program is big - there are around 150 MFins on campus in the fall - challenging on a lot of levels - probably toughest is that it's harder to get to know the professors, make a good impression

++High cost - given above

++A lot less recruiting on campus than expected - MBAs still getting the best treatment from employers - I guess that's the way it is

++Tough to get to know your classmates - students seem to fall into social groups by country pretty early on - not sure if the school can do much about this
I looked at other FE program's reviews too but didn't find a program that has reviews like here. The reviews are attacking each other and some are highly subjective. A bit of everything makes the curriculum sound very balanced but it basically means nothing for a second thought. We all know that we need some concentration instead of brief knowledge of everything. Yes please give HONEST and FAIR feedback. And don't get it too emotional. A bad review doesn't mean a lack of honesty and fairness. Instead bad reviews let people think, adjust and make the program better. When I was comparing different Quantitative finance programs, I also looked at the data that got published. At lease the employment rates of recent graduates revealed that this program has a long way to go.