Online Courses

Online Programming and Options Courses

Graduates of our courses, who hail from over 50 countries and five continents, have subsequently been accepted to selective quantitative finance programs or employed at prestigious financial institutions.

C++ Programming for Financial Engineering

For people interested in pursuing graduate studies in financial engineering and learning essential C++ topics with applications to finance. The course is 16 weeks long and no prior programming experience is required.

Python for Finance with Intro to Data Science

The goal of this course is to instill a practical understanding of Python in the context of how it is used in the financial industry; you can expect to come out with the ability to read, understand, and write professional Python code for your first day on the job.

An Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering

Prepare people for entry level positions interviews and for graduate studies; emphasis is placed on depth of understanding of options trading arbitrage and options valuation models.

Advanced C++ and Modern Design

For experienced C++ developers who want to learn cutting edge C++11/C++14/C++17/C++20 features such as multithreading, advanced STL/Boost libraries, and design techniques to bring their skills the next level.