Python for Finance with Intro to Data Science

Have you already taught yourself Python or taken an undergraduate Python class? Have you never coded before? Are you an expert in other programming languages? If so, this course is for you: The goal of this course is to instill practical experience coding in Python, developing production-like projects, with the help of a personal TA who provides guidance and detailed code reviews.

Learn Python without getting bogged down in the nitty gritty of computer science. With applications in Finance, Financial Engineering, and Data Science, this course can benefit anyone: Those who have never coded before, those who have learned Python prior, and those who are experts in other programming languages. The course instructors are practitioners with many years of practical programming experience in the financial industry. The material is delivered in a crisp and efficient fashion, utilizing cutting-edge development and research platforms such as PyCharm, Anaconda, and Jupyter Lab.


Course Highlights

  • Intro to Data Science
  • Using the cutting-edge JupyterLab environment, the course covers tabular data using Pandas/NumPy in depth, and demonstrates data visualization using packages such as Matplotlib and Plotly. The course also provides a brief, high-level introduction to Machine Learning packages in Python. All of this gets tied together into a few highly practical mini-projects.
  • One-on-One Support
  • Each student is assigned a personal Teaching Assistant who will provide timely detailed and practical feedback on all code. Instructors are practitioners in finance with years of industry experience. The TAs have, for more than a decade, providing a one of a kind course experience to students on Quantnet.
  • Community Support
  • A dedicated forum is available to discuss all questions and contains a wealth of relevant knowledge.
  • Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls
  • In addition to the course videos and material, there are ever-evolving pointers provided with valuable tips on how to code in a production environment, and common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Midterm Case Study
  • In addition to the rigorous exercises, the midterm case study ties together all the Part 1 concepts into a highly practical project in Asset Backed Security modeling.
  • Intuitive, Comprehensive Structure
  • This 12-week course consists of 10 levels where students build their cohesive knowledge upon previously mastered material. Access to each level is granted upon successful completion of the previous level's homework and quiz.


Upon successful completion of the course, we will issue a Certificate of Completion to students who obtain a 70% or higher average. A Certificate of Completion with Distinction will be awarded to students with 90% or higher average.

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