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    GENERAL Parallels and VS 2012 Access Codes

    I believe that is the case, if you wish to use parallels. I'd recommend using VS community 2017 at this point. It's free, and easy to use
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    GENERAL Exercise1.3.6

    See Why is -1 right shift 1 = -1 in Java?, it applies here as well
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    GENERAL Exercise 1.3.4

    ?: is alternative syntax to an if statement. It's like an inline if statement. The purpose of the exercise is to practice using ?: instead of an if statement
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    1.5 Why anytime I input too large number, the output is unexpected?

    This should work in all cases up to the limit of an int in C
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    1.4 1.41,1.4.2,1.4.3 Question on Initializing variable

    Correct, 0 is different than '0'. This is normal for level 1. It's a lot of disparate new information to assimilate. Level 2 is similar. Level 3 and on are where all the concepts start to come together and the exercises are all interrelated.
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    1.4 exercise 6

    That usually means incorrect usage of variables, causing a memory corruption Code posts are not allowed, we cannot debug it for you.
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    Daniel Duffy's C++ ExcelDriver

    This looks to me like a project structure issue; missing #includes, incorrect additional include directories, and/or incorrect/missing files being linked as part of the project. Are you using a provided project (similar to the one provided to your during QN C++) or creating your own project...
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    Daniel Duffy's C++ ExcelDriver

    What is the exact error you see?
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    Daniel Duffy's C++ ExcelDriver

    See, looks like the settings there worked for someone. Who's asking?
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    GENERAL HW submission

    Your code needs to meet the spec of the exercise and compile
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    which is more useful in the real world? Python or C++...

    I used 2017, so makes sense. Odd that it did not work for 2015 though
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    which is more useful in the real world? Python or C++...

    The steps here work for me in VS (substitute xlwings for matplotlib): Python in Visual Studio tutorial step 5, install packages
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    which is more useful in the real world? Python or C++...

    For Python dev I strongly recommend PyCharm over VS. Among other advantages, package management is much simpler.