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    C++ Programming for Financial Engineering Final Exam

    The specific details on the final exam are provided after completion of level 9.
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    C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread

    Yes, many students have successfully completed using a Mac. Can either use xcode on mac, or set up a VM
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    Students who successfully complete the C++ for FE get a $300 discount for the advanced course
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    About Final Exam Time

    There is an extension option here:
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    Retaking Certificate

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    Retaking Certificate

    No, it's a fresh 16 weeks, as long as the reason for retaking is time and not a failing grade
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    Course Selection Advice Needed: Numerical Methods vs. Software Engineering vs. Big Data Mining

    It's also worth mentioning that university courses which have a major focus on best practices (industry and in general) are few and far between. They tend to be very academic with little in the way of learning the 'art' of coding. The QN C++ certificate offers a very practical approach to...
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    Is it possible to complete the C++ for Financial Engineering course in 2 months full time

    Yes, if you dedicate the time, it can be completed in less than two months. The record is around 3-4 weeks
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    Is Quantnet's C++ course worth it?

    You may find this a useful read: How Quantnet's C++ certificates got me a job on Wall Street
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    how to fine lost code files??

    Submitting exe files will not be adequate. Your grade is almost entirely on your code, not the executable. I'd recommend searching your pc for the files. If they're gone, unfortunately you will have to redo.
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    level 2 hw /video access (enrolled member)

    It's always one of the top sticky threads, labeled HW. Should not be difficult to find
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    level 2 hw /video access (enrolled member)

    See the second to top thread in the level 2 forum...
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    FAQ: C++11/C++14 with Multidisciplinary Applications Online Course

    Thanks for raising this; it'll be updated shortly