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    Engineering Background but no math

    They'll know the timeline of the courses taken because you have to submit official transcripts from all schools attended after high school. But they would also know that the material you learn (assuming) from UIUC would be the same type of math you'd learn at Cal or CMU campus (they'll check the...
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    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF launches Online program

    If you have to tell your interviewer that the degree was done online, so what? The classes are the same, and you take the same exams, do the same projects, same homeworks. You still have to study hard to get good grades whether you take the classes on campus or away from campus. But I agree the...
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    Engineering Background but no math

    The question is, how did you graduate with an engineering degree with limited math background? I graduated with an engineering degree, and part of the degree requirement was bunch of math classes as preparation for the more hardcore engineering classes in junior/senior years.
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    Columbia CVN

    Some of the classes are taped from pervious years, but I don't see any problem with that. They still teach the same topics, assign similar homework problems / exams (that were exactly the same as the ones assigned to folks who took that class from previous years). It's just like taking the same...
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    Just got my degree! Woo hoo!

    I think it depends on the school. My ugrad school (i had a grad and a ugrad degree from my ugrad school) prints the major on diploma, but my grad school does not print major on diploma.
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    COMPARE Columbia - MFE vs MS&E

    MS&E is a joint program between IEOR dept and Business School. But you're right that MSFE is more quant oriented, so you better have a solid math background.
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    Stanford MS&E

    Think of this way.... Stanford's MS&E is like Columbia's MSOR. Their students can take Financial Engineering classes as their electives, but they can also take many other OR classes that are not FE, and they don't get a "financial engineering" degree. Stanford's MFM is like Columbia's MSFE.
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    Best MFE for NYC placement

    I'd say Cal's MFE program is just highly regarded as those in NYC. I'd argue that Cal's MFE program is probably the best in the West Coast. captn sounds like a die hard Cal fan.
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    Columbia University MS in Financial Economics

    Columbia CVN is the same as traditional MSOR... same requirement, just different location.
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    Columbia University MS in Financial Economics

    Is it worth it to spend 100K to take PhD classes but your diploma designation is Masters? Also, most of your PhD classmates will be taking the same classes for free. IMO, you don't get enough credit if you take a lot of PhD classes, but graduate with a masters degree.
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    Columbia University MS in Financial Economics

    So, they took 10 students out of 543..... what's the point of having a new program like this if they're only gonna take 10 people? I can't imagine all of the 533 rejected applicants are that far off from the 10 accepted applicants.
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    GRE Test. Tips?

    just go ahead and take a look at sample problems from GRE's website, and you'll find it much harder. And they'll stop using adaptive testing (in which the exam starts out from easy question and gets harder if you get and easier ones right, so it's still possible to get 800 if you miss one or...
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    GRE Test. Tips?

    take it before the new format takes place in August. the new format will make the exam even harder.
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    Some Recruiting Agents Exploit Chinese Students

    I'd say one of the reason would be the general "shy-ness" of Chinese people.
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    Do domestic students have an advantage?

    I would say yes. Many programs have much higher acceptance rate for domestic students than international students (if you group the applicants into two separate groups).