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    Thought I Bombed The Onsite Interviews, But Was Invited To Dinner Afterwards

    The only thing I am dedicated is to program and develop in C++. I am certainly sure that I would not be able to survive to those interviews to prove my proficiency in the language. No way
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    It is not a coin/currency, It never was.
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    RIP Peter Carr

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    Why is my C++ implementation of a binomial tree so slow??

    MOMDELING DERIVATIVES C++ Justin London This book might help, it has the code you are implementing
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    //split a long string into substrings // use of break and continue unsigned short nSubStrings {8}; string* ayrFx = new string[nSubStrings + 1]; string line; line = " USD PEN MXN BRL ARS CLP COP EUR"; unsigned short j {0}, i{0}; for (; i <...
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    C++ will be used for the next 50-100 years in financial services

    BBG - Wall Street Isn’t Ready for the Crackdown Coming Its Way
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    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    This is a great thread that has been idle for a while.
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    Blog: Articles on C++11 and Computational Finance (by Daniel J. Duffy)

    What is C++11, and what is not C++11 What are the boundaries of C++ 11? it is not so clear to me
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    1 int main(void){ 2 //Ack & Ref: jLOSPINOSO 3 auto i{ 0x01B99644 }; 4 std::string xst{ " DFaeeillnor" }; 5 while (i--) std::next_permutation(xst.begin(), xst.end()); 6 std::cout << x; 7 return 0; 8 }
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    Banning Russian probability

    It is impossible not to cry
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    Baruch MFE Is it possible to pass Baruch interview with no C++ experience?

    If you know C/C++, learn RUST will take you no more than a week (idem Python).
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    Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022

    Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 / Version 17.1.1 #include "stdafx.h" #include <Python.h> /***********START***************/ int main(){ PyObject* pInt; Py_Initialize(); PyRun_SimpleString("print('Hello World from Embedded Python!!!')"); Py_Finalize(); return 0; }...
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    How to display C++ code and math beautifully

    1 //C++ Code 2 int main(){ 3 unsigned short i; 4 printf("Hello World A\n"); 5 i = 0; 6 for(; i < 3; i++) 7 printf( "i -> %d\n", i); 8 //-------------------- 9 printf("Hello World B\n"); 10 i = 0; 11 for(; i < 3; i++); 12...