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    Importance of math rigorousness and other questions

    I would love to take this course Pure Mat. Foundations!!! and PDE course!
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    Intro Programming Tutorials for Bloomberg and Interactive Brokers API

    I have done everything I am supposed to do to run IN C++ API, though I still can't make it to work properly After compiling "successfully compiling -no errors-" I press this, the green arrow The program starts to execute, and it halts at this point, at the very beginning It shows this alert...
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    Please share the code, I will copy / paste and find out my mistakes. THANKS Daniel!
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    The changing face of New York

    There were plenty of garment factories during the 70s, and 80s, today there is no one left
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    2021 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    Is there a school in TX with Financial Engineering (MFE) Program compatible with Baruch? preferably in Austin, does any one know?
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    The changing face of New York

    NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime
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    C++ & Python

    Thanks I will try now
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    C++ & Python

    No doubt Python is a great language, still it is too slow IMO. However I want to keep on with both of them in my project. How to call Python library/funtions from C/C++ code? Can someone help me with the right information. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 I know that before posting a...
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    Don't use non-western alphabets

    he neither shows up in wilmott
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    Intro Programming Tutorials for Bloomberg and Interactive Brokers API

    Unfortunately this is not updated. Does anyone know how to use C/C++ Interactive Brokers API? I can not find a good tutorial, an updated one!
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    The changing face of New York

    Chelsea spike in crime
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    Starting to feel like an MFE degree is not necessary for quant finance

    wow!!! ".... If quant finance is such a lucratice career, why are a majority of graduates international chinese and not consist of a diverse student body? What if the international chinese students simply just have better applications than domestic students applying to mfe programs? It's...
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    Laptop Recommendation for Financial engineering grad student

    I was wondering how does an excecutable program use the cores of the CPU. Lets say I have two execuatables programA.exe and programB.exe and I launch them at the same time, both of them have been coded to last for let's say 10 min, dummy for loops, do they use a single core? multiple...