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    phd program for quants

    Thanks indeed Andy it is a tough task to decide what strategy to use to equip myself with as much knowledge as possible to be a decent quant... I wonder now what would be a hot area in the next few years in the quants world (I guess opinion may vary)....
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    phd program for quants

    Hi all I am a master degree holder in applied math (pde s ) I have a decent understanding of c++ ,matlab and excel and since I have decided to work as a quant after getting a phd in math(I will apply in 4 months for a bunch of phd s ),I have bought and read a book on stochastic calculus to...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    first post Hi everyone this is my first post in quantnet I couldn t resist (sorry...) I learned a lot more in this site about quants than anywhere else so far .I want to thank those of you guys who take some precious time of their busy schedule :smt024to answer wannabe quant's questions. Thanks...