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    Regression Tesing

    Hi Folks, Anyone has regression tesing experience? Can you share? Thanks. Regards, K
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    Fed Allows Goldman, Morgan Stanley to Become Banks

    what quants are going to be>> business analyst??
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    Lehman Merrill Lynch AIG Fannie Freddie WaMu Madoff Citibank saga

    So Quants are helpless and may lose their jobs at Wall St!
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Havard MBA costs $150K. Hey, not everyone has the $$ and balls to invest an Ivy League MBA. It's just too costly compare to MFE so people switch gears.
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    Zero Sum Games but which bank is making profit?

    If Derivatives are zero sum games then which bank/s is/are making profits? It seems most financial institutions are losing steam. Does this mean that quant models are incorrect constructed???:smt024
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    hey, you can invest your own fund and then call yourself trader too.
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Not everyone with MBA or MFE makes a lots. It depends on individual. Similarly not everyone with MFE can be a trader. Being a trader you need to be informative and sociable as well - which is more or less mba materials! Being a trader you need to know technical stuff too - so MFE comes along. I...
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, the He MAN of QN. All the best wishes go to you.
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    C# or C++

    He has to sell his books. You are right. C++ takes time to harness. I even thing any FE program that teaches C++ will not get the karate kids to fight.:sos:
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    Andy, I would like to get your view on C++ and C# apparently related to quant modeling in US. I hope that you can share. You're right, C# is just too easy to convert to
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    Andy, Is there anyone out there using Best, K
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    C# or C++ Please comment on in the QF areas. Thanks.
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    C# or C++

    ... see growing demand in Java.
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    What is going on at Bear Stearns ?

    Sub-prime is not so much an issue now. Please do not forget there are other problems in this areas: 1. Mortgage- backed securities..still unknown 2. Principal loan caught up with sub-prime ...soon will get exposed Market will have to shoot down sharply. No one can help.