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    The changing face of New York

    Salaries for those WFH permanently outside NYC will probably be scrutinized, they may not go down but they probably won't be going up...
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    The changing face of New York

    I live on the UWS. Crime and homelessness / vagrancy has skyrocketed, and I see many apartment buildings with 80% of the lights turned off in the evenings. A lot of people moved back to where they came from or are temporarily out of the city.
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    Top 2019 H1B visa occupations

    Probably 80% of those top 6 went to Cognizant+Infosys+Tata+Wipro
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    NYU Stern MS in Quantitative Finance

    Never heard of it. Looks like a money-making program like so many others. There does not even seem to be any math or programming classes from Courant.
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    How to become a quantitative analyst with Mathematics/Economics background

    What kind of positions are you interested in and have you looked at job descriptions/job requirements? Where is your skillset now VS what the positions require? "Quant" is a very generic word and there's no one-size-fits-all answer.
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    Transitioning from Tech to Quant

    Try to get a trading desk-facing developer position. That is the closest you will get to quant in IT at a bank. Don't end up in production support, bullshit project management, or back office/middle office tech jobs!
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    Top MFE Chances?

    Profile is solid. GPA maybe a little lower than average for the top ones. Good recommendation letters + a good personal statement will help.
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    Margin Call the movie. An explanation with more details than those provided in standard media

    The way I interpreted was: -They have a Monte Carlo simulation that runs on their portfolio to generate their VaR. That simulation has volatility parameters which are periodically re-evaluated based on historical levels. -Their model hasn't been re-calibrated in a while so their volatility...
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    A Future in Quant Finance?

    What is your major?
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    Seeking advise from alumni of Quant Schools to evaluate my profile

    It's not a really bad score, but will be tough for top programs. You should retake the GRE and concentrate on getting the highest Q score possible.
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    Seeking advise from alumni of Quant Schools to evaluate my profile

    Try to get a higher GRE Q. Many people getting into top MFE programs have 170
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    What is the correct way to get to know this field better?

    1) You're not going to find code online that actually delivers business value. Those are all extremely guarded trade secrets. There do exist generic open-source quant libraries that abstract away things like market data, creating a bond or a swap, pricing an instrument, etc... QuantLib is a...
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    Pure Mathematics Foundations course.What do you think?

    'Quantitative function within finance' is a sweeping generalization that encompasses multiple different departments and dozens of different roles. -Non-quant developer? -Data scientist? -Quant developer? -Strat? -Research Quant? -Risk Quant? -Desk Quant? -Trader? -Risk Manager? -Something else...
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    PhD chemistry to investment banking

    You need zero programming and only basic level math for IBD. Btw this is a quant forum so quite unrelated to IBD. Make sure you are not confusing different divisions within an investment bank!
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    PhD chemistry to investment banking

    You mean IBD? It will be an uphill climb. IBD typically recruits from top-tier undergrad programs and MBA programs for analyst/associate classes. The usual path is a summer internship followed by a FT offer in the group you summered with. 1) Yes but difficult. Your PhD won't help much, the...