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    Basis points vs percentage change

    my understanding is that if x is a rate which has units in percentage already, the "change by certain percentage " is supposed to be additive. if x is in units of other stuff like price, number, then the "change by certain percentage " is supposed to be multiplicative. do note that I'm not...
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    Top 10 cities for a career in Finance

    The only thing not so great is the relatively small living space compared to some other major cities in the region, or in the world. Dirty streets? If you can live with NYC, or Manhattan to be more specific, you won't have any problem with Hongkong in that matter.
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    The Coming Glut of Financial Engineers

    thanks for the reply. I would then take that as saying such certificate is weaker than a qualified degree from an estalished programme from a university, am I right? But I'm a little confused on the later part. You mentioned such certificae as a way to jump-start the relevant knowledge base. I...
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    The Coming Glut of Financial Engineers

    Just wondering, after reading this informative article, is risk management counted as a sub-discipline of general quant finance? Just a quick search in I found more entries under risk management than that under quantitative analytics. Making me wonder whether that would...
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    Should I take up CMU engineering PhD offer?

    oh, that's bad news for me as I'm thinking of switch from engineering to quant in SG as well :( Back to OP's problem, I'm not sure if your government funded PhD program requires any service bond after finishing it. If yes, you better think twice if what you really after is a quant career. I...
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    Maths software to master

    I'm not sure how much putting matlab in your CV can benefit you in your job hunting, but as a frequent user of it, I can tell you it is quite a useful skill to have if your day to day job is to develop new models, new algorithms, prototyping stuff. Matlab is rich in build-in functions and...
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    7 programming languages on the rise

    CUDA is not exactly a language, but a way to distribute computation amongst the multi GPGPU cores. It has library for C/C++/Matlab as far as I know. Probably that's why it is listed there but not counted as a language.
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    what would be a good book after J.Hull's OFOD?

    Dear all, I just finished J. Hull's "options, futures and other derivatives". I'm wondering what would be a follow-up book if my target is to self-study part-time in 6-8 months time and start applying for a quant job locally? To let you know more about my background: I'm a Singaporean of...