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Advanced C++11/C++14 and Multidisciplinary Applications

For experienced C++ developers who want to learn cutting edge C++11/C++14 features such as multithreading, advanced STL/Boost libraries, and design techniques to bring their skills the next level. The course is 20 weeks long and prior C++ programming experience is required.
Andy Nguyen
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Course helped me learn some advance introduced in C++11 and C++14. Structure of course was efficient and helped me quickly learn the new concepts. My course TA (Avi Palley) was very helpful, prompt and professional. He would respond to questions very quickly and explain the concepts in details with examples.
The advanced C++ course is comprehensive and well structured. The learning curve is smooth, so I was able to follow the instructions and make progression without much pain. It is indeed an intensive course, which covers a wide range of topics and require the learners to do many practices to truly absorb those topics. But, it turns out to be worthy. More importantly, it not only covers topics like modern features introduced in C++11/14 but also topics will be of great importance in the real applications, like various design patterns. It did inspire me to think a lot about the design of a concise, consistent and well functioned program. Besides, the TA is excellent. The answer questions promptly and provide detailed feedback to the homework, which is also a great assistance of your learning. I find the forum to be also quite helpful, TA and classmates can always answer your questions and help clarify the class materials. Overall, I will recommend anyone who is eager to learn some C++ skills for real applications to take this course!
The course is great, the material is highly correlated with financial applications and TA are very professional not only in terms of concept illustrations but also in improving codes to production level for a commercial environment. It is a practical course for anyone who wants to upgrade programming skills to a new level.
Many thanks to Danial Duffy, the course designer and trainer, for such a wonderful curriculum design where I can really gain a deeper insight and understanding of C++s functionality as well as code design principles, and his vivid, detailed demonstration in every lecture. Thanks also go to my TA, Mr. APalley, as he always quickly replies to my question and grades my homework.His feedback and suggestion is always the guideline for me to improve my programming skill. Last but not least, I would like to expression my gratefulness to everyone who have asked questions regarding exercises in the QuantNet forum, which often corrected my misunderstanding and provide me with inspirations.
The course material is clear and informative. As for practicability, I"ll say that after I start to take the Baruch MFE program.

And out TA gives very quick feedback on my homework.

Remember to use the forum, I have get plenty of explanations of the homework.
The course is a great. It not only teaches me C++ new features but also deepens my understanding in C++ class design. I can feel that my C++ skill has improved a lot after enrolling in this course.
This course is a great extension on the Baruch MFE C++ Programming course and the C++ course taught in the universities. It covered the higher-level and more up-to-date applications of C++, which is beyond the scope of most programming class but is very useful and make life much easier in the practice. Important topics include the up-to-date C++ 11 and 14 features which learn a lot from other languages and make coding more straightforward and convenient, the advanced C++ and Boost libraries such as multi-thread processing and regular expressions which is powerful when dealing with real-life applications, and the introductions to the GOF and Next-Generation design patterns which focus on writing structural, maintainable and reusable projects. Prof. Daniel Duffy works very hard on the materials and the videos, with wonderful homework design to let us practice and extend what we've learned. Mr. Palley and other TAs are ready to help students figure out all problems every day. They're very enthusiastic and with their kind help, we can learn the course much quicker and much deeper.
It is really a wonderful experience to learn the stuff with all TAs patient answer when I got confused and ask for help in the forum. Besides, this course is really worthy and teach me a lot of cutting-edge knowledge about C++11/14 as well as other computer science knowledge like multi-threading and design pattern.
Advanced C++ 11/C++ 14 is really a great course. Honestly speaking, it's more difficult that C++ for Financial Engineering, however, each level is fascinating. TA and forum are truly helpful, when I met difficulties, their advice was essential for me to make my mind clear. The course is mature enough, so I have no suggestion.
The course was kind of pushing, but through the exercises I definitely learnt a lot. Surely there were some difficulties, but with the help of TA and the forum, I discussed the problems I met and finally managed to solve most of them. Anyway, it has been a great pleasure to join the course!