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  • Hi,would appreciate your advice on a query that I have.I wish to work in IBD/Consulting and have an admit to MIT MFin.Do you happen to know the how IBD/Consulting recruiting is for MIT MFin?I graduated in 2013 from a top 10 engineering school in India and have a year of work experience in risk management at Credit Suisse.Any idea how my profile would fare while applying to IBD/Consulting roles?Thank you so much.
    I don't know any specifics but for what you want to do, try to get an MBA from Harvard.
    Bob Tyson
    Thank you for your reply ! Really appreciate it.

    Well, HBS was my original dream. But HBS MBA seems like a long shot. Any idea if risk management profiles from BB banks are welcome at a school like HBS ? My GPA, GMAT, work progression and extra-curricular activities should be fine by the time I apply to B schools for an MBA.
    Hi, I read your opinion on admit to different programs. I got an admission from UCLA MFE . What do you think of this program? I saw some really bad review of this program on this website, saying that this program has zero exposure to the industry or career service, and the placement record on the official website is windowdressing. I also got an MSOR from Columbia, which AD is better? Thank you very much!
    I can't tell you anything because I didn't go to any of those programs. Try to find some former alumni or current students so you can get good information.

    I will take all the posts on this site regarding schools with a truck load of salt since most of the people here are just prospective students so they have no idea of what is really going on with those programs.
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