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    UCB MFE Review of UC Berkeley MFE program

    If it is happening at programs with hands on directors like this, imagine how it is playing at other programs where career service is non-existent.
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    Retaking Certificate

    Hi With re enrollment you will only pay $1200 and will get a fresh 16 weeks. You can reenroll at any time. The link is Online Invoice Payment 1200 for Amount and reenrollment for Notes.
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    What books are you currently reading?

    Here is another one that I'm currently reading. Autobiography is my favorite genre, it seems.
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    MFE enrollment at the age of 31

    Many of my cohorts and I entered the MFE program at in our 30s about 10 years ago and successfully transitioned into this field. So age is nothing but just a number. The time may has changed and probably the specific skills/knowledge are evolving as well. Just make sure you enroll in a program...
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    NYU MSMF Are you still waiting for hearing from NYU FinMath?
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    Is being extroverted vital for success in the financial industry?

    That's the name of the game. You got it.
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    Cornell FE Cornell application for Spring 2020 MS-ORIE - Rejected for weird reason

    Send the program an email to see if they can reconsider you for Fall 2019 instead.
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    What does a Quant do?

    We have some ebooks that answer that same question and more on our master reading list (a link is in my signature). Enjoy that.
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    Real analysis

    Baby Rudin came to mind.
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    Baruch MFE

    I dont have first hand experience with Baruch other pre-mfe courses that are offered at their campus. I run the C++ courses online here that is part of the pre-mfe program and I am responsible for many aspect of c++ courses. I am often the first person who students contact for any porblem. I...
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    Yes, there are few info on the program since it's rarely discussed here. Maybe reach out to...

    Yes, there are few info on the program since it's rarely discussed here. Maybe reach out to current/past students of the program on LinkedIn to see if they can provide any insight.
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    Thanking Andy

    Appreciate the kind words @Michsund but I only provide a platform and the QuantNet community is as good as the people contributing to it. That means YOU GUYS. So I just hope you guys utilize the tools and introduce QuantNet to other people. It means a lot to me if all the applicants fill in the...
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    USC Admission

    @Junping Chen @idkmyname can you guys add your timeline to the Tracker? Thank you
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    2019 MFE admission roll call

    As admission decisions start to come in, let's get a tradition going here so we can share the programs we applied, the admits/rejects we received and the program we are ultimately joining. Let's keep the format uniform and discussions on their separate programs threads. Please share details on...