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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    I think its statements like that which are annoying a few people. Not all "foreigners" come from non-english speaking backgrounds. I "think" ( I haven't been to these countries so I'm just assuming, like you) that most of the schools in countries like Russia, China etc teach in their native...
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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    There wasn't any need to add "like all Indians" because I know many non-Indians that resort to ad hominem insults and I know many Indians who don't. Anyways, I know quite a few people who find the American and British accents hard to understand! LOL! There is no right or wrong accent. The...
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    Cornell FE Strength of Cornell placements

    The 70k figure includes salaries of graduates from non-FE concentrations in ORIE. I'm under the impression that FE's would earn more. The third semester which includes the project course is in Manhattan not Ithaca.
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    Need advice on 3rd LOR

    Hello All, I've been frequently visiting this forum and this is my first post here. I'm in a bit of a quandary and need your advice. For my three letters of recommendation, I'll be getting a really good one from my math professor who knows me very well because I aced all his classes (all calc...