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  • Yes, I think they are still interviewing.

    I already informed the quant guy I met that I had no experience in finance. So I am thinking I still have a shot if he is willing to interview me.
    Puzzles ? Were they the "heard on street" variety ? Were there probability questions ?
    Thanks for the help.
    Thats incredible! BTW are they still interviewing for Fin Dev positions?? I am planning to apply in the next couple of days. I am surprised that you got an offer without an on-site interview.
    So you got an offer for Software Dev and then you got an interview from BVAL?
    It was BVAL as well! I applied directly. But it is my impression that BVAL is looking for
    an experienced person. Do you have any experience?
    Hi chaoticrambler,
    I have interviewed for a quant position at Bloomberg as well. The questions you get
    depend on the position and the group. Which group are you interviewing with?
    I got mostly programming and puzzles.
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