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Recent content by corbin

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    Table of known SDE solutions

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew of a textbook with a table of known SDEs and their respective solution form. Also if anyone wants to show off their skills and post the ones they know that would be appreciated. Thanks Corbin
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    International Forum on Financial Risk - Toronto

    Hey Anyone else checking out the Global Risk Institutes Forum next week? Should be interesting, fairly respectable speaker list. http://globalriskinstitute.com/documents/GRI%20-%20IFFR%20program%20Oct%2020%202011%20-%20Posted.pdf
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    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    It's under Arts and Science. The program kind of does it's own thing haha.
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    Toronto moving on up haha, good work on the ranking, let the debates begin! Interesting to see UCLA jump so high not surprised though. Also tuition at Toronto is $40k this year, with a $17k rebate for finding an internship
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    COMPARE Quantitative Finance in University of Waterloo and Toronto??

    Subhasishs Although I am no expert, McMaster programs is newer, smaller (meaning fewer alumni) and overall the school has less prestige than that of U of T or Waterloo. They use the same textbook as U of T for stochastic calculus (although I think most schools use Shreve) so you will probably...
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    CFA Level I

    you receive a mark of x<50% , 50%<x<70%, or x>70% for each section...it would not be a stretch to assume that if you received a mark of 70% (therefore in the highest marking bracket) on every section you would pass..that being said dont worry what the passing mark is and just do the best you...
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    COMPARE Quantitative Finance in University of Waterloo and Toronto??

    YuZhao, I was recently one of the later admits to U of T so if you use my profile (which you can view through my previous posts) as a minimum you should be in the clear. Keep in mind that it appears to become more competitive every year. I did not apply to Waterloo (or anywhere else, risky eh?)...
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    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Don't be sorry you've helped a lot already! I'll just do brain teasers to keep my mind sharp and be myself.
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    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Haha prepare for quizzes on top of writing an exam the day before and 2 hours after the interview should be a challenge. You think just generally math quizes on the pre-req courses?
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    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    I was requested for another phone interview this Friday with one of their PHD students Ryan Donnelly. From what I gather I am either a unique case or this is a new process. I feel this interview is going to be a little tougher than the first haha. You guys have already helped me a ton, but if...
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    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Just finished my phone interview with Shari. It went really well and was 10 minutes as Dibbs mentioned before. I only gave myself a 3.5/5 for programming knowledge hopefully honesty/modesty pays off. Other than that hopefully I get in and can join on the Toronto meet up!
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    Toronto MathFin Has anyone heard from UofT MMF?

    @tinto I got a request for a phone interview Wednesday, I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. Anyone have some advice for this interview? From previous threads it seems phone interviews are not too long and questions can be candidate specific....anyone else here anything!?
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    Toronto MathFin

    Got an offer today after having a 2nd phone interview.
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Linear Algebra, (A) Multivariable Calculus, (A+) Differential Equations (A) and Partial Differential Equations (A-) Real Analysis I (A) Probability Theory (A+) Intro to Science Stats (A+) Numerical Methods for PDEs (will be taking this year, hopefully will get an A ) few more but they are...
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Chances for Canadian schools Hey Looking for any insight into what my chances are at getting into a Canadian school such as U of T MMF, or even UBC's Math Finance program next year. Just finished my 3rd year of undergrad and have completed almost all my necessary math courses. No Canadian...