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  • Hi Daniel,

    I came across "Mathematics Foundations course" at Datasim, which seems to be what I wanted - read more undergrad math as I am now doing QF at a biz school, which light in math compared to the other offer I had (Math & Econs). How much weekly commitment is assumed for for the 1-1.5 years in course duration? Will I need to code C++ for the exercises/project? I program mostly in Python, a little C#.

    hi Daniel

    My passion in Quant Trading / HFT / Algo Trading : I'm already doing that.

    I'm totally lost in choosing the right M.Sc. between MFE/QF and Data Science Analytics DSA.

    1- Do you think that QF was a bubble ?
    2- Do you think that DSA is the new MFE ?
    3- What is your outlook for both QF/MFE and DSA ?
    4- Which is more related to Quant/Algo/HFT Trading ?

    Hi Daniel, I am an undergrad (mechanical) from india. I have completed courses in C and python. However, My only exposure to C++ was during high school and i am well versed with the fundamentals and have the basic knowledge of data structures. With my background would you suggest i buy your book to have the C++ proficiency required for a potential MFE applicant or should i start with an elementary book? Thankyou!
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